mercredi 9 mars 2011

Challenges for the Optimal Allocation of Educational Aid: Should MDG Priorities be more prominent? by Christopher Colclough

RECOUP Working Paper Series, 40, March 2011
This paper examines the criteria for aid allocation that are revealed by present practice in the education sector. Using a set of priorities suggested by the MDGs, and recent data on aid flows to different countries, it compares actual with "optimal" allocations according to different interpretations of educational "need". Focussing on British aid, it finds that there are sharp deviations between the volume of aid to education received by different countries and their requirements as suggested by "needs-based" criteria. Significant contrasts between relative resource requirements and aid provision to education are also present when looking at aid flows from all sources.

vendredi 4 mars 2011

New Report: Fast-Tracking Girls' Education

The Education for All Fast-Track Initiative (EFA FTI), the first ever global compact on education, has just released a report highlighting the critical importance of girls' education. The report details some of the positive impacts of the EFA FTI program, as well as challenges to come. FTI countries have seen rapid increases in the number of girls attending school, and the FTI model has reduced the number of girls that need to repeat a grade. However, there are still 67 million children not in school - and over half of them are girls. Sustained donor and domestic support for girls' education is critical to ensuring development goals are achieved.