jeudi 14 juin 2012

Managing Education in Colombia

PREAL Working Paper No. 60: “Managing Education in Colombia 2002-2010” by Cecilia María Vélez, former minister of education of Colombia.

Vélez begins by listing what she believes to be the positive results achieved during her tenure: increased enrollments and access at all levels, and an improvement in the quality of primary and secondary education, as measured by international student achievement tests. She notes that Colombia was fortunate to have continuity in its education policies (Velez served as the Secretary of Education of Bogotá for four years, and then as Minister of Education for eight years).
She argues that establishing a clear vision of the goals to be reached, implementing incentives, creating a systematic approach to improving quality, reorganizing the ministry’s administration, and developing clear, appropriate and timely information systems, along with a coherent, sector-wide communication strategy, were all keys to success.

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