mardi 27 juillet 2010

EI releases global study on Early Childhood Education

The EI Early Childhood Education (ECE) Task Force has released a global study investigating ECE policies, systems, programmes and activities across the world.

The study, entitled, ’Early Childhood Education: A Global Scenario’, was released at a meeting of the Task Force held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 14-15 July, hosted by the Danish Federation of Early Childhood Teachers and Youth Educators (BUPL).

Initiated by the Task Force, the study was conducted in 2009, and reveals that ECE continues to receive more attention across the globe and that access has been increasing steadily. However, the study also reveals that progress has been uneven and a lot more remains to be done if this important Education for All (EFA) goal is to be achieved by 2015.

The study is online at:

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